Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The BCS argument for Sparty over Brutus

Assuming they win out, the argument for picking MSU over Wisconsin for a BCS bowl is simple. MSU beat the Badgers head to head. Plus, it doesn't really come down to an argument because that's the tiebreaker if just MSU and UW are tied atop the Big Ten.

But what if MSU, Wisconsin and tOSU all three win? Well, then it goes by BCS standings and Bucky Badger is almost certainly is headed to Pasadena.

So how could Sparty jump the Buckeyes, and is there an argument to be made for that happening?

In his weekly online chat, I asked ESPN Big Ten Blogger Adam Rittenberg (arguably the finest reporter covering the Big Ten not named Joe Rexrode) what MSU's argument should be over Ohio State. Here's the exchange.

DW: Is there any chance a bowl picks MSU over OSU for an at-large bid? And if you were Mark Hollis/Dantonio, what would your argument be to the Orange/Sugar/Fiesta bowls?

AR: Very little chance, Derek, because bowls like sure things, and Ohio State is a sure thing. If I'm Dantonio or Hollis, I point out the fact that Michigan State hasn't been to a BCS bowl since 1988. I point out how exciting Michigan State has been to watch with all the wild plays. I really emphasize the Wisconsin win. Still, it's a very tough sell.

Unlikely then, but he's sayin' there's a chance...