Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spartan Sports Network Website

So I was browsing the other day, and came across the new Spartan Sports Network website. If you have not yet checked it out, take 10 minutes now (and set aside about 2 hours this weekend) to do so.

This site is absolutely a one stop shop for fans of the Spartan Radio Network and related media. And it now goes above and beyond what you would expect from the typical sports radio broadcasters.

They have the radio broadcasts up for you to listen to. Not just highlights, but the entire game. You want to listen to the pregame coverage of the Wisconsin football game? No problem! Plus they have all of the other sound clips you would expect, from the coaches shows to the player interviews and web only content for Football, Basketball, Hockey and more.

They go a step further with having blogs that are actually quite interesting, dealing with several of the sports they broadcast. They also have a good coverage map and biographies of some of the familiar on-air personalities. Did you know that Will Tieman was once the voice of Grambling State University Football? I didn't...

Now as I do with any website, as soon as I get a taste for the possible, I am left always wanting more. I would love to see more bios of some of the other personalities, such as the behind the scenes workers or the on-air personalities who are only on the internet broadcasts. I would love it if the coverage map linked to each affiliate stations' website (they have started this, but only have a couple linked so far). I would like to see all of the podcasts available on iTunes (more are up now than the last time I checked, so this is happening). I would also like to see RSS feeds available for the blogs.

That said, this is a great website that helps the spartan fan survive the doldrums of summer. There is nothing like a lazy 4th of July gathering of friends and family, all listening to George Blaha call the final seconds of the MSU Football victory over Michigan.

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