Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Sad Day for the Victory Burrito

Panchero's location in Spartan Stadium is no more.

For many years, Panchero's Mexican Grill has had a location in Spartan Stadium under section 9, providing Spartan fans with an superb alternative to classic stadium cuisine with their giant burritos. It was confirmed Panchero's will not return to the stadium for the 2009 season.

No word yet on what food vendor will fill the section 9 location, or if there will be an alternative burrito provider somewhere else in Spartan Stadium. The change could mean the loss of an entire genre of food available in the stadium, where variety is already an issue.

Panchero's enjoys a special relationship with East Lansing and Spartan fans. Their East Lansing restaurant on Grand River Ave was one of two original locations opened in 1992. It proved so successful that there are now over 50 locations nation-wide. Last month, Panchero's was named the preferred vendor for the Victory Burrito tradition by both TOSSS writers and in a fan poll.

Workers at their East Lansing location expressed disappointment about the change for the upcoming season. "Now you'll have to come here first, and sneak the burrito into the Stadium."

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