Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ESPN 3D Coming in June - With Plans to Cover College Football

ESPN will launch ESPN 3D this June at the World Cup, providing the first sports network with full 3-D coverage of games. The move is a follow-on to limited testing done during the USC-Ohio State football game this year which apparently "wowed" the audiences.

The plan is to broadcast some games in the World Cup, the X Games and then college football and basketball. Given that ESPN/ABC holds the primary contract for Big Ten football, it's quite probable that an MSU game may be broadcast.

Even better, the schedule sets up very well for that to happen.

The technology is expensive - it has been compared to how broadcasting in HD was far more expensive than regular definition when HD first rolled out on a wide level - so expect ESPN to only use it for the biggies.

Speaking of... MSU hosts Notre Dame and Wisconsin, and travels to Michigan, Iowa and Penn State. Given how good those respective teams are expected to be (not Notre Dame, but the Irish are always good for decent TV ratings), there's a high chance that the Spartans will wind up on ESPN 3D at some point.

I can't wait.

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