Friday, February 12, 2010

New Spartan Green A Darker Shade

The color we know as Spartan green just got a little bit darker.

The new color, Pantone Matching System Color 567, was approved by the Board of Trustees this morning. It will be uniform across Michigan State, from signs and uniforms to flyers and university websites.

It's part of the universal branding scheme being undertaken by the athletic department and Nike, and the plan is for all uniforms to be of this shade of green. The new threads will be unveiled in April.

Currently, the MSU green is Pantone 341, which is the green we presently use on TOSSS.

The Lansing State Journal quotes President Lou Anna Simon as saying that the change will be gradual in some areas, like signs, because the university isn't going to pay for the immediate overhaul immediately. You'll see that in things like letterhead, where the existing supplies will be allowed to run out, then replaced by the new stuff.

Making a single shade of green uniform across the university will be a great step forward for the MSU's branding, given the disparate mess we currently have. I, for one, welcome this change with as much passion as I decried the proposed Spartan head change.

This time, MSU and Nike have gotten it right.


  1. Now we need to make it a condition of apparel licensing that manufacturers _actually_ use the Pantone color. I'm sick of seeing kelly green crap.

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