Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nebraska to leave Big 12, join the Big Ten

Depending on how much you believe Fox Sports Ohio and

Multiple reports now say Nebraska will leave the Big 12 and seek to join the Big Ten, with a formal announcement coming Thursday or Friday.

The Big 12 gave both Nebraska and Missouri, the two biggest targets in that conference, until Friday to decide if they're in or out. The Cornhuskers are apparently out.

The difficulty for these schools is that they've got to make up their mind to leave the Big 12 before any Big Ten invite formally comes. However, in reality land, there's no way in the world they'd possibly head out of a BCS conference without a golden ticket in hand.

Will the Big Ten give that assurance to Mizzou? We'll have to wait and see.

At this point though, you'd have to think three things:
  1. The Big Ten still wants Notre Dame.
  2. They won't want to become a 13-team league, so Mizzou would have to be paired with someone.
  3. Who's the backup to ND?


  1. I remain unconvinced. What relevance is there to the supposed "deadline"? Say Nebraska "commits" to the Big 12 on Friday. Why can't they change their mind later? Because they're going to pay some financial penalty? If they are doubling their conference payout that isn't going to matter.

  2. I really am sorta meh it isn't one of the schools I wanted but it isn't one of the ones that didn't make sense to me. It sorta just seems okay.

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