Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sports Illustrated: Former MSU QB took money from an agent

According to an astonishing Sports Illustrated report out today, in which a former agent spills the secrets on what he says is a common practice of paying college football players under the table, a former MSU quarterback was among those taking payments.

Josh Luchs named Tony Banks, QB here from 1994-95, as among the players he paid. Banks, according to Luchs, got "several hundred dollars a month" while at State. Banks, for his part, declined comment on the allegations.

The whole SI story is worth a read, and can be found here. The LSJ's Joe Rexrode reports that since the allegations covered potential misdoings more than four years ago, the NCAA can't pursue an investigation into it. His report is here.

This report puts a new spin on the question of whether or not athletes should be paid. Perhaps we now need to start from the assumption that the stars already are.

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