Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Littlest Spartan

We wanted to take a moment today to congratulate long-time reader Greg Hose (pronounced hos-AY) of Chicago on two great accomplishments. The first being the recent birth of his first child, a beautiful baby girl. The second - bestowing upon his daughter a name even the most Spartan among us would be proud of.

The story goes like this: Greg and his wife Rose were thumbing through baby name books, as expectant couples often do, when Greg - obviously having looked at one too many odd baby names - started throwing out "unique" monikers of his own.

Rose didn't bite on "Tommy" or "Izzo", but something happened with the next name Greg tossed out in jest - it stuck.

"It's funny, because Rose has no connection to MSU or East Lansing," Greg told me. "She just really liked the name."

Greg talked his wife into a more traditional first name (a fine English name too, I might add), but one that when abbreviated to its first initial will make it obvious to the world which university his daughter is forever destined to join.

Welcome to the world, Evelyn Lansing Hose.


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  2. I like that this post is tagged "Baby Names," as though that's a recurring subject at this blog.