Wednesday, August 5, 2009

ESPN's New World Order

ESPN this week has been playing with the idea of a New World Order in college football, pairing down the 120 FBS teams to 40 teams who can actually compete. Just a couple years ago, there would have been no chance for MSU to be included on this list. But welcome to the big time MSU!

In ESPN's official draft of college teams, MSU was taken with pick #34 of the 40 picks in the draft. Too low? Remember that another 80 teams didn't get picked at all, including five Big Ten squads. ESPN cited our "great fans" and our strong ticket sales even through those long, hard football years, as well as our more recent success under Coach Dantonio as evidence we belong in the new top subdivision.

Other good news? ESPN put the same question to the general public, and MSU made the cut there too! In fact, the fan vote had MSU at #22 with 31.8% of the ballots including MSU in the 40 to make the cut (as of this post). This is just more evidence of the strong national perception that Coach Dantonio has brought to East Lansing.


  1. With regard to the fan pole, that might have a fair amount to do with the fact that we have a very large living alumni base.

  2. I mean "poll", not "pole". Wow, it's been a long day.