Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Top-Five Mascot

The Washington Times has decided to rate the top mascot brands in college athletics, and wouldn't you know it but a familiar face found its way into the top five.

Yep, sitting there at number four is our very own Sparty. Here's the Times' rationale:
Though the school's nickname has been the Spartans since 1925, the brawny, foam rubber incarnation didn't appear until 1989. Sparty has been a dominant force since, winning best mascot at the Universal Cheer and Dance Association College Nationals three times. EA Sports recently conducted a poll to see which mascot would become the first nonathlete to grace the cover of its NCAA Football 09 edition, and Sparty won by more than 75,000 votes.
Sparty was bested by that annoying Notre Dame leprechaun, the Duke Blue Devil, and Otto the Orange from Syracuse. Florida State's Chief Osceola came fifth.

And to that I say: Are you kidding me, Washington Times, a freakin' orange? Over the guy Muscle and Fitness Magazine named "Buffest Mascot" in America? The only thing likely to come of a battle between Otto and Sparty is juice.

Outrage aside, I can forgive the Times for their misstep. See, they don't have much college football in the D.C. area. And the best D-1 program the Times covers is Maryland, whose idea of a fearsome mascot is a turtle.

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