Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fans in the Stands

At last night's games, Louisville fans seemed to outnumber all others. MSU fans made a good showing though, with Kansas and Arizona having a very poor showing. It is a little hard to judge who will have more fans tomorrow, as many Louisville fans left the stadium after their win, and many MSU fans didn't show up until late in the Louisville game.

These photos were provided by TOSSS reader Tom Edwards. The one on the left is during the Louisville-Arizona game. The one on the right is before the MSU-Kansas game. Click them for a much larger image.

My guess for tomorrow's game is that Louisville fans will slightly outnumber MSU fans, but I hope I am wrong.

On the venue, Lucas Oil Stadium was very impressive. I believe it would be a fantastic place to watch a football game. The issue with hosting basketball in these venues is that so many fans are very far from the court. It makes the game very difficult to see, and many fans have to rely on the jumbo screens in two corners of the stadium. However, many fan's sight lines of these screens were blocked by the scoreboard lowered over the center of the court. The stadium also swallows sound, and at its loudest it seemed much quieter than an average game at the Breslin Center.

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