Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Women Doing Well

In a promised follow-up to yesterday's post, the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports has now released their annual report for the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament. I'll skip the explanation of the report, as it's the same as the Men's report. This report, while still focusing on the disparity between African-American players and white players, also focuses on gender differences, specifically the women's higher GSR nationally.

MSU's APR and Graduation Success Rates in the 2009 report are as follows:

APR: 955
Overall Student Athlete: 79
African-American Basketball Student Athlete: 80
White Basketball Student Athlete: 86
Overall Basketball Student Athlete: 85

MSU was not included in the 2008 report as they did not make the NCAA Tournament.

The MSU women have a slightly lower APR than the men, but their GSR is 15 points higher. Their APR is well above the 925 cutoff for possible probabtion, so overall they are in fine shape.

Now to look at some of MSU's possible opponents in the tournament, as well as some Big Ten teams:

Middle Tennessee State: APR - 917 GSR - 79
Austin Peay: APR - 903 GSR - 83
Duke: APR - 984 GSR - 90
Iowa State: APR - 975 GSR - 93

Iowa: APR - 977 GSR - 92
Minnesota: APR - 950 GSR - 67
Ohio State: APR - 993 GSR - 100
Purdue: APR - 941 GSR - 89

If either the Men's or Women's team reaches the Sweet 16, there should be a follow-up report coming.

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