Monday, October 26, 2009

An Actual Terrorist Threat on Campus

Those MSU fans who attended a game before 9/11 will recall the vast difference in security procedures before and after the terrorist attacks. The thought at the time was that terrorists might target dense groups of people like those at football stadiums in their next attack.

To this day, there have been no credible terrorist threats on campus, until now. A 17-year-old freshman was arrested last week for making a terrorist threat. That student is now no longer enrolled at MSU, university spokesman Terry Denbow told the State News.

So far there's no information as to what threat was made, or how close to execution it was. That information is critical before adjusting any security protocol at sporting events.

But rest assured that there will be an increase in security at on-campus sports events. There always are after these sorts of scares. We'll be tracking this case as it continues, as well as any event security changes that may be made as a result of it.

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