Thursday, October 8, 2009

Destination: Urbana-Champaign

If you are heading down to the University of Illinois this weekend, we wanted to give you some tips on places to go from an actual Fighting Illini. Luckily, this is where living in Chicago comes in handy. Here were some suggestions:

Campus Bar: Murphy's

Murphy's Pub is a typical Irish bar located on Green Street (Think Grand River.) While it's "pretty popular for your middle of the road good time," you may encounter some youngsters, as many bars here allow 18 and 19 year olds inside. You'll find food, darts and pool here, and the vibe seems similar to The Riv.

Sit down meal near campus: Papa Del's

If you're looking for more of a sit down dinner, walk one block north of Green Street to Papa Del's for some pizza. I'm told to start with the cheesy garlic bread, and then move on to the stuffed Chicago style pizza.

Sit down meal away from campus: Radio Maria

Located in downtown Champaign, Radio Maria's menu is described as a "more eclectic" choice. Here you can get Spanish influenced dishes, and they also have a tapas bar.

Be sure to see: The Campus Quad

You haven't seen campus until you walk around the Quad. Start near this statue, wander south through the Union, and keep going until you reach the Undergraduate Library (hint: a lot of it is underground!) From there, it's just a short jaunt south west to Memorial Stadium.

If you lose a bet: The Illini Inn

If you make some wagers and happen to lose, the Illini Inn is a good place to end up. Described as a "Total dive" bar, you can win back some respect by attempting to join "The Mug Club." You don't wanna know too much, just be prepared to chug a beer. And you may get a card to go in the wallet for your trouble...

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