Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gameday: Memories of Michigan

Well, now that it's gameday against Michigan, the memories of past games are at their strongest.

Al from Waterloo, IA wrote in with two memories:

1984. I was new to the area working in Ann Arbor (O' joy!) for a nameless business at the time. the Spartans where coming into the game as underdogs @ 1-3 (Record sound familiar) I had stated firmly and directly on that Monday, that the Spartans were going to win. Period. Straight up, no points.

In what started out as a friendly wager, became almost violent with Michigan fans coming to my office from everywhere to see if it was true. That someone would actually take the Spartans.
Man did they love me. It was like they never found anyone in all their years of living in Ann Arbor, willing say such a thing, let alone bet on it.

Well, as we all know, Sparty won that game fair and square. Kicking the Blue Boys right in the teeth, 19 - 7. The next Monday, I never saw so many dead pan faces in my life!

1995. Why so many people skip over this game is beyond me.
It had everything. Spartan Stadium under lights (I love night games the best anyway!). Cold. (Real football weather.) We even had snow.

Before 2001 "this" was "the drive" game. Banks, Carter, Mason, Green. All of them making plays when needed. And having the game end on a great defensive stand to finish it, 28 - 25.
Two talent laden teams on the field. With most going on to NFL careers.

For whatever reason, Tony Banks and company have always been one of my all time favorite era's of Spartan football.


For what it's worth, MSU was 1-3 (like Al reminded us) before that 1984 game, and was 4-3-1 before that 1995 game. We ended '84 in the Cherry Bowl, and '95 in the Independence Bowl. I also have fond memories of that 1995 game, sitting under the lights in the upper deck watching the snow come down as MSU drove for the victory. Thanks for the memories Al!

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