Friday, November 13, 2009

Live Sports Radio?

So I have to assume that many of you season ticket holders, as well as those of you fortunate to be on MSU's sports mailing lists (probably from ordering a ticket in the past at some point) have been receiving the email blasts every few games touting Live Sports Radio. First they wanted you to simply trust and buy, but now they are offering a "free sample" which I can only assume is something to the effect of: Here, try the radio for the Penn State game. If you like it, just keep it and we'll charge you.

My understand of this radio (from my limited attempt at research) is that it basically is a um... radio. It gets the local broadcast of the MSU game, which I'm sure we all love. Thing is, everyone's radio gets this. It's on 1240AM, and it comes in pretty good in Spartan Stadium.

Where I could see myself really enjoying this is at away games. When I visit Purdue this weekend, there is no chance I'll be able to hear George Blaha's "Touchdown, MSU!" If I had this product, my understanding is that it should work.

Their website suggests that it will work at every stadium, but is being broadcast on low power so if you head out early, or are coming late, you may not get reception at your tailgate. They also are very heavily mentioning that there is "No Delay." Is this a current issue when listening to local radio?

One other item of note: The website mentions that it will work "all season." It also mentions that new radios may be available in coming seasons. A FAQ on their website asks about turning it in at the end of the season, and the answer is "There is no need to turn your radio in, once you purchase it is yours to enjoy. It will continue to be useful as an FM scan radio." Notice they did not say something like "It will be useful again next season." Finally, in the FAQ's is a mention that it will need to be reprogrammed for each upcoming season in order to work. Cost: Currently $10.

There are many questions I have with this, but I will be looking at one during the Penn State game. Has anyone used this? What was your experience? Is the value at home games significantly greater than using a normal AM/FM radio? What about away games?

Right now, my instinct says that this is only a product I would want if I needed it at away games to hear George Blaha.

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  1. Hi,

    I just came across your article. I am not sure if you picked up your Live Sports Radio for the Penn State game, but I picked up mine and I loved it. The radio does broadcast George Blaha live, with no delay at every home and away football game, as well as every home Men's basketball game. As for the football game, the LSR is about 8 seconds ahead of the FM broadcast. Eight seconds in football is kind of annoying...eight seconds in basketball is extremely annoying. I really liked having George in my ear live. I talked to the guy working the LSR kiosk and he said the radio will work at the bowl game too, which is pretty cool.

    Not sure about you, but the free radio worked for me. I am hooked and will most likely buy one next season. I did ask the guy about the reprogramming option, and he said they might reprogram the radios on-site next season. He explained to me that LSR has to apply for a license per stadium, per season, which is why you have to have it reprogrammed each season. In my opinion, $10 a season is nothing compared to what I spend on beer and food each Saturday afternoon in the fall.

    Alamo Bowl here we come!

    Go Green!