Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lowered Expectations

There used to be a sketch on MadTV titled "Lowered Expectations." In it, characters who haven't had luck in the dating scene decide that the only way to finally find "The One" would be to go on TV and talk about what they're willing to settle for.

That's this football season for me.

At the beginning of the season, we were Rose Bowl bound. After the loss to Notre Dame, it was that we could still make a New Year's Day bowl. Before the Iowa game, it was back to win out and make the Rose Bowl.

Now our best case scenario is a middle-tiered bowl game.

At the beginning of the season, the predictions were that MSU would go 10-2 or 9-3. The lowest available selection in one media poll was 7-5 - predictions below that being dismissed as wild, pessimistic antifantasies or the results of some online Wolverine trolls.

Now we've got to win out for 7-5. Just to make a bowl game we'll have to either beat a surging Purdue team on the road or take out #11 Penn State at home, not to mention take care of Western Michigan on Saturday.

Michigan State football is like that pudgy guy at the bar who only has eyes for the former cheerleader in the far corner. Well, she shot him down, her two friends followed suit and now, an hour before last call, he's slumping in a corner, beer spilled on his shirt, talking about the banalities of his job to some poor sop who couldn't find another open seat.

But there's still time left on the clock. This season, like that poor guy's night, can still be a success. Just with lowered expectations.

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  1. I agree with you whole heartedly….

    I had the highest expectations of them all… I predicted 11-1. Sure, it was alcohol related, but none the less, it was a lofty expectation. Based upon the skill sets of the retuning players, lady luck, and decent weather..

    My wad got blown real early this year.. but, if we don’t take WMU too light, go in to West Lafayette and kick ass, lady luck smiles on us against JoePa.. we might get a decent bowl… but that’s hitting dinger for the rest of the season..

    Keep your fingers crossed.. I’d still by a few tickets to the Pizza-Pizza bowl if we end up there…

    BEAT Western !