Friday, April 24, 2009

Final Four Friday: Best Seats in Spartan Stadium

One of the greatest and most underrated things about the spring football game is the ability to sit precisely wherever you want to watch the game. Every seat in the house is free, as opposed to gamedays during the fall when some seats require scholarship contribution donations on top of the normal ticket prices.

I've sauntered over to the seatbacked section on the home sideline, put my feet up on the rail and soaked in the good life. But I've also used the time to scout my seat selection for the upcoming year - which has worked out by finding great views I never knew existed within my price range.

So here's one man's list of the best seats in Spartan Stadium (that a student or recent college grad could actually afford).

Section 10, behind the tubas

Without a doubt the greatest seats in the student section, bar none. You won't have a problem seeing over the tubas because you'll be standing all game, as are all the rest of the die-hards that show up hours early to get these seats. You'll never be alone, as these die-hard fans don't leave early - ever. And sitting there long enough, one learns the band songs well enough to issue requests to the conductor during the game (that they sometimes take). If you're the guy who can count off the quickstep, there's simply no better seat in the stadium.

Section 124, front row

Some of us like the view from above, where you can see the whole field no matter where the ball is. These seats are a bit tougher to get - they're typically held by long-time fans who can't afford to move to better ones - but once you see the view you'll wonder why anyone would pay more. I certainly wouldn't.

Section 16, 1/3 of the way up

I'm a side guy, I'll never be in the corners or on the end if I can help it. However, I've got to admit that my favorite pre-MSU football memory was sitting behind the goalpoasts in the Orange Bowl for the University of Miami's "Wide Right III" victory over Florida State. You could see the ball hook as it left the kicker's foot, a hook usually reserved for my golf swing when there's water on the left.

Granted, you'll be watching the video screen when the ball's across the 50 from you, but you're in perfect position for extra points and game-winning field goals.

Section 5, row 15, on the aisle

I had these seats for two seasons at the end of the John L. Smith era, and they were by far the worst seats in the building. Literally just across the aisle from you is the visiting fans section, where, during our come-from-ahead monsoon loss to Brady Quinn's Notre Dame, it literally felt like the world would end. Ditto later that season as we were blown out by Ohio State.

So why are these seats on the list? Well, MSU's winning now. 'Nuff said.

And the winner is... Student section, right behind the band. It's the only seat on this list where fans actually cheer the whole game.


  1. Didn't they move the band to the end zone ? Section 27 along the wall is the best.. I have to agree with you, being in the house is enough.. Especially this Oct. 3.. Sparty ON !!

    John at

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