Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Prowess of Athletics

Oh how great it would have been as a fly on the wall of this pitch meeting...

"Sir, I had an idea last night, and I think you are going to love it," said Greg.

"Alright, try me," responded the Wharton Center guy.

"I want to produce a show about a guy with a winning spirit who puts it all on the line to make his dream come true," Greg continued.

"Go on..." said the Wharton Center guy.

"It will be an evening of song and dance!" Greg said, even more enthusiastically.

"I'm liking it so far..." mused the Wharton Center guy.

"We'll bring in performers direct from Broadway!" Greg continued, almost yelling and waiving his arms.

"Yes, this is good," the Wharton Center guy thought out loud, leaning back in his chair.

Greg leaned in close and spoke faster, saying "And our star will be Tom Izzo! It will be called 'Izzo goes to Broadway' and there will be all sorts of special guests, and..."

"STOP!" yelled the Wharton Center guy, jumping up from his chair. "You had me at 'Izzo goes to Broadway!'"

And from there, the rest is history. "Izzo goes to Broadway" debuts for one night only on May 6th. Tickets range from $55 - 150, with a sizable amount from each ticket going to one of Tom and Lupe Izzo's favorite charities, the Coaches vs. Cancer program run through the American Cancer Society.

So, this is a can't miss idea, right? Well, evidently it can miss. Tickets have been on sale since February 13th, and yet there are still 1,133 tickets available as of this posting. The Great Hall, at its best, can seat about 2,400 people, meaning that if something doesn't happen quick, this show is looking to be about half empty.

I can't imagine why the locals haven't keyed into this marketing tagline: "Izzo goes to Broadway blends the prowess of athletics with the passion of the arts."

Perhaps everyone is just afraid of showing up to find Izzo singing and dancing with a big bald head.

Photo courtesy of Wharton Center

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