Monday, April 6, 2009

One Shining Moment

The final whistle blew, the nets were snipped and the music played. It was One Shining Moment, and unfortunately for Spartan fans, its final scenes had the hue of Carolina blue.

It's the first time Michigan State has lost in an NCAA men's basketball championship game, and it certainly stings given all the storylines around the game - how MSU was playing for the state of Michigan, a silver lining to the clouds of economic storms that have swirled over the state for years now.

Still, it's hard to not be proud of how hard this team has worked, and I think that will be expressed in the papers Tuesday morning and beyond. How do I know?

Well, here's some reaction from folks in the media, as expressed on Facebook this evening:

Stephanie Angel, managing editor, Lansing State Journal... ":( The run is over, but the Spartan spirit is alive. 2010 here we come."

Amy Bartner, reporter, Indianapolis Star and former editor-in-chief, State News... "sigh"

Bob Benenson, reporter/editor, Congressional Quarterly... "Our very young Spartan team held its head up in the second half. There is only one team in the country, loaded with upperclassmen, that is better -- and last year it was where we were tonight. So congratulations to UNC, and enjoy that victory/going-away party. Our guys will be back, and so will the Michigan State team. Go Green, and thanks for a season of thrills."

Brian Fisher, former editor, NOISE magazine... "Spartans should be proud of themselves. And from a glass half full perspective, they did win the second half. So there's that."

Denny Kapp, producer, WDFN radio Detroit... "UNC may have won the game but Detroit won the PR battle. The select national media can rip this city all they want but we put on another stellar national event - the umpteenth one this decade - and yet again, it was damn near flawless. Stand up and BE PROUD Detroit!"

Laura Leslie
, capitol bureau chief, North Carolina Public Radio... "respects MI state for a valiant game, regardless of the outcome. They're the definition of 'never say die.'"

Scott Moore, voice of MSU Hockey... "is bummed by the outcome, but incredibly proud of the journey."

My sentiments exactly.

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