Tuesday, September 1, 2009

MSU vs. Montana State Coverage Map

The Big Ten Network has released its coverage map for this weekends games, and as one might expect, it's simply a mess. Several months ago, as the first weekend's slate of games had their start times announced, it was obvious that the Big Ten Network was not going to be able to please everyone. There were simply too many crappy games that were not going to be picked up by other channels, and therefore, Big Ten Network was going to have to carry them all.

As an MSU fan, my hope is that if MSU will be shown on the Big Ten Network, that we will have the channel to ourselves in our time slot. That way, MSU gets total national coverage. Every time there is another game on, the coverage is split up and we lose our national billing. And when there are five games on at the same time, and one of them involves Penn State, the show is over.

But, on the positive side, MSU is the only team besides Penn State to have their game shown as the primary game outside of the Big Ten area (and neighboring states). Granted it's only showing in Montana, but hey, better than nothing.

Don't fear though: While your cable provider may only carry one Big Ten Network, DirectTV and Dish Network, as well as some of the newer cable providers will show all of the Big Ten games. From the Big Ten:
Coverage map applies to cable systems only and indicates which game will be the primary game on the main Big Ten Network channel. Satellite providers DIRECTV and DISH Network will offer the primary game nationally and all other games on "extra football game" channels. In addition, subscribers to telco providers AT&T U-Verse and Verizon Fios should click on the map to see channel assignments.
Direct TV users can find the MSU game on channel 609. It does not appear that the game will be offered in HD.

Dish Network users can find the MSU game on channel 5440 or in HD on channel 9501.

AT&T U-Verse users can find the MSU game on channel 1691. It does not appear that the game will be offered in HD.

To check your specific zip code and cable provider, click here. Clicking on the actual map below won't work.

Image courtesy of bigtennetwork.com

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