Monday, September 14, 2009

Sparty's Humiliation

My fears have come true, as the lack of a true Victory Burrito in Spartan Stadium is the only possible reason I can imagine for this weekend's unfortunate events. We'll leave the rest of the game discussion to other blogs...

But, to add insult to injury this weekend, there was an unfortunate incident involving Sparty.

During the game, Sparty was "engaged" with Central's mascot, as often happens when an opposing mascot is in Spartan Stadium. During this engagement, Sparty's head was unfortunately... removed from his body. In other words, it sort of fell off.

While this is incredibly traumatic for me, I cannot even begin to imagine the nightmares children had on Saturday night. I know that images of Dan LeFevour throwing touchdowns and then wearing the head during his "EA Sports NCAA '09 style celebration dance" were running through my head all night...

Joking aside, this has got to be disappointing for the Student Alumni Foundation, the Sparty Escorts, and Sparty himself. They all go to great lengths to keep Sparty's identity a secret until graduation, and for a Sparty to be "outed" in this way is sad.

Image courtesy of the Student Alumni Foundation.

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