Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Scalpers: ND is MSU's Biggest Game

Sticking with our recent look at football ticket pricing, I came across something recently that those of you planning a trip to Spartan Stadium South - a.k.a. Notre Dame Stadium - may want to consider. And start saving for.

An analysis of ticket resale prices for Michigan State football games shows that, by a wide margin, the year's most anticipated game is MSU's road trip to Notre Dame, at an average cost of $340 a piece.

Remarkably enough, it's the first time in years that the most expensive college football ticket involving a Michigan school doesn't involve the Wolverines. MSU-Notre Dame easily beat out Ohio State-Michigan and the Spartans' priciest home game, Michigan at Michigan State.

In fact, the game against the Irish is the tenth most expensive regular season game in college football, period. Number one, at $574 per ticket, is preseason number one Florida at LSU. The Ohio State-Michigan game, played this year in Ann Arbor, comes in at 19th.

As for the home games, Michigan is easily the most expensive, followed a long way off by Penn State. Iowa is third, followed by Central Michigan, Western Michigan and Northwestern. All those games are projected sellouts. The Montana State game, as we reported yesterday, is the only one not expected to sell out.

These rankings, of course, may change throughout the season as teams win or lose and demand rises or falls. However, given the gulf in price between the Notre Dame game and anything else, my guess is that the Irish will remain atop this board all season.

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