Monday, September 21, 2009

Your Team Sucked, Here's Your Money Back

Ever been to a game that was so terrible you wish you could just get your money back? I can think of a few: The 2003 loss to Louisiana Tech was brutal. That come-from-ahead loss against Notre Dame in 2006. Central Michigan a week ago.

Well, the Oregon-Boise State game a few weeks ago was just such a game for Tony Seminary, a 1996 Oregon grad who e-mailed Coach Chip Kelly and asked for his money back - not just for the tickets but for the entire cost of his trip to Boise - some $439 in all.

And guess what? Kelly cut him a check. Seminary didn't cash the check, but wow, what a display from the coach.

Perhaps I should invoice Bobby Williams...

1 comment:

  1. No kidding. Bobby should reimburse me for my 2002 student season ticket package. After I get him, then I want John L. to reimburse me for the plane fare to come back from DC and watch UM thump us during his tenure.